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Two brothers from Brooklyn. N.Y. are hired to find a father and daughter kidnapped while on vacation in Ireland. The dangerous mission leads the brothers into a life and death expedition into Northern Ireland.

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A South Carolina Catholic priest's faith is severly shaken as his onlt niece dies from a drug overdose in New York. He takes a leve from the church to find those who were responsible for the drugs that killed his daghter, but he is clearly out of his league as the drug kingpins will stop at nothing to remain free and in charge. This action adventure will keep you guessing as Father Joe tries to right a wrong and stay alive.

Fiction Mafia novel, about a young life insurance sales person that gets used, unknowingly, by the Mob to sell insurance on people that start dying mysteriously. Once he is sucked in he knows it's only time until he has outlived his usefullness and they will want him dead too. You will feel the rath of the Mob through this young man's ordeal in the page turner of the year.


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