Morgan James Publishing is in the process of publishing the newest novel: DEFYING DEATH IN HAGERSTOWN. This very unique novel,  inspired totally by accident, when I won a diary on Ebay, penned in 1923, by a young woman. The diary of 365 pages, 1923, was fully handwritten, but the woman was only known as Lolita. I knew there was a story there somewhere, but more importantly I was drawn into the time, the young woman, the love interest she had throughout the year.


I was CONSUMED with finding out who and whatever happened to this Lolita from Hagerstown Md. I took me years to find out who she was, that she married the love interest, and when she passed on.

SO, I wrote a fiction novel, Defying Death In Hagerstown, based on a character from Hagerstown, named Lolita.

We have a young Washington, newspaper reporter, who is rapidly self- destructing, after a bad breakup with his fiancée, who left him for a young doctor. He’s drinking, a real mess at work, and ready to be fired. His last chance assignment is to go to Hagerstown, Md.  and interview a centenarian wonder woman of 110 years old, named Lolita, who resides in a Hagerstown nursing home.

All the reporter complains about is that this is an assignment from hell, and this woman is probably senile.

We later find out that Lolita is sharp as a tack, and the most philosophical person to come around in many years, someone everyone flocks to for life changing advise.

The reporter also learns that there exists a diary from 1923, a full years, handwritten out, that gives a real insight to what life was like for the old woman.

 But he further learns that Lolita, in 1923, lived through a mass murder spree of 3 of her young girlfriends in Hagerstown that still was unsolved. The reporter sees a real story in the murders, and is consumed with investigating and solving this 90 year old mystery. But someone in Hagerstown is rattled by his nosing around, and bullets fly, and someone is killed.

The old diary comes into play again as the reporter tries to stay alive long enough to save his job, solve the mass murders, right a wrong, and fall deeper in love with the beautiful gray eyed Felicia, the nurse that tends to Lolita