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A unique novel inspired by a 1923 diary of a woman who lived through a mass murder of her three friends. A newspaper reporter tries to solve the 90 year old murder. but bullets fly as someone in Hagerstown, Md. is clearly trying to keep the identity of the killer a century old secret



The world has changed, life will never be the same again. We each search for a better life; inspiration; a way to be more productive and fulfilled.
Welcome a unique and easy to understand motivator: The Power Of Being Different.
This inspiring and uplifting self-help book will show you:

· The power behind belief.
· How the mind controls the body.
· How to get enthusiasm back in your life.
· Understanding and forming good habits.
· Understanding negativity and how to avoid it.



You are the greatest living miracle in the world!
We are each born into this world destined for greatness. Isn’t it time that you achieved the level of success you deserve? Why are so many people stuck in their self-imposed world of mediocrity?
In John Paul Carinci’s new book "An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed", he shows us that we can succeed greatly, and it is only our thinking that impedes our progress to success.
We each search for a better life, more inspiration, and a way to be more productive and fulfilled. This highly motivating book will change your life.

People often wonder what life is about. Is there a reason for human existence? Society’s persistent negativity is choking people, and we need something to grasp. In There is Greatness within You, author John Paul Carinci helps you stand out from the crowd, change your life, your attitude, and maintain a newfound uniqueness to last a lifetime.

Offering encouragement, he presents a collection of real-life examples from the truly successful who have excelled in their fields. Carinci analyzes the principles that have helped the achievers, who have ignored the negatives, to rise to the top:

•understand the power of the mind;
•possess an all-consuming desire to succeed;
•know perseverance is the magic potion;
•recognize the subconscious mind;
•grasp the purpose of life; and
•draw inspiration from life around you.

There is Greatness within You prompts you to start today to change your life through the lessons of success.

An English woman who now lives in the United States is a psychic who is routinely hired by many to speak to the spirits of their loved ones who have passed. But when Marjorie is contacted by spirits who have been murdered, looking for justice and bringing their murderers to trial, all hell breaks loose. Even though Marjorie has solved missing persons in the past, and located killers of some young murder victims, never before has she tried to link mafia associates to some murders. Mafia players don't play fair and suddenly, the boss, Carlo “Big Hands” DiLingo, gets involved. Threats are made, and her elimination from our world is planned. What will happen to this very spiritual connection? Will she find the answer in the end? Or get even with the killers? A true page turner awaits readers who love action.

Thirty-five-year-old Richie Lopez is at the end of his rope. His marriage is over, he’s barred from seeing his son, he is unfulfilled at a dead-end-job, and he is drinking to excess. But all of that is about to change when he meets Conrad Richards, a mysterious man that seems to have all the answers to the world’s most difficult questions—and a ghostly way of disappearing and appearing in other places at will.

Although Richie suspects something very unusual, he admires his new friend so much that he keeps his thoughts to himself. Still, he cannot help but wonder if Conrad is just a brilliant old man or if he is an angel, how he seems to know him inside and out, and why he has chosen him to fulfill his lifelong dream of writing a book about life’s purpose. As Conrad mentors Richie, he shares his personal reflections and secrets to success. But will he live long enough for Richie to learn all there is, and will Richie ever discover whether Conrad is human or something more spiritual?

In this heartwarming story, an older man appears in a troubled young man’s life to share his wisdom and ask him to fulfill his long-held dream of writing a book.


Angels Performing Miracles is the sequel to There's an Angel Inside of Me. Ryan Simmons, now in the hereafter, and as an angel in training, is monitored, once again, by Theodore the Guardian Angel.
Ryan, though still not eligible for heaven, is assigned to watch his reissued soul, Paul Ryan, on earth. Paul, the new soul is allowed to recommend to the guardian angel, drastic life-changing events on earth, miracles. But what will he recommend, and why? And what is the hereafter all about, anyway?
Questions will be asked: Why are terrible things on earth allowed to remain unchanged? And is it all really revolving around: free will.
With so many questions for Ryan, the new soul, Paul and us, Ryan, finally is allowed something very special. He is allowed just forty-eight hours back on earth, to recommend his own miracles to be considered.
What will they be, and why? Will they be allowed or declined by God? And what are the reasons God will allow or disallow Ryan's urgent miracle requests?
You will feel what Ryan feels as he travels the earth looking for miracles we all may want to choose. Hold on tight as the assignment begins.


The trial of Peter “Big Hands” Crangi, the aging head of the Filaggio Mafia family is scheduled to begin in a week. Crangi, suspected of murdering over one hundred victims in his long career, is on trial for racketeering, gambling, narcotics trafficking, tax evasion, and murder. But everything changes when Stanley Soloman, the lead federal prosecutor on the case, drowns in an alleged boating accident while vacationing in Florida.

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Young Frank Granstino knew that selling life insurance would be a tough business, even though he had only started selling six months before. But he never thought that it could cost him his life. After all, who knew that Tony Vongemi, the restaurant owner who had been feeding Frank people to write insurance on, was in the Mob? Not until Frank's clients start dying does he realize that something is very wrong, and the Vongemi family is involved. Frank soon realizes that he's at the point of no return. And to the Vongemi Family; one day. he too will be Better Off Dead. This Mafia Fiction Novel, will keep you wanting more, as you can't wait to find out what happens to young Frankie. The characters are so realistic, the story so unique, but yet believable. It's a must read!

Better Off Dead In Paradise is the sequel to Better Off Dead, which told the story of Frank Granstino, the life insurance salesman from Brooklyn New York, who got trapped by the Vongemi Family Mob into writing life insurance policies on people who ended up dying mysteriously. Frank was in line to get killed to keep him quiet. The FBI managed to save him in the nick of time whereby he became an FBI witness and placed in the Witness Protection Program. The Mob leaders were sent to prison for life. Obviously, the powerful Mob leaders didn’t take up knitting in prison but continued to rule a ruthless mob world.

There's An Angel Inside Of Me new book coverIMG_20190424_100716171.jpg

After fifty-eight-year-old Ryan Simmons dies in a car accident, he is told in the hereafter that he will not make it into heaven but rather be in limbo for eternity. He begs to be given a second chance to return to earth.

Although a millionaire and ruthless business owner on earth, Ryan is powerless in the hereafter but vows to change if allowed life again. Ryan is given a rare second chance by God to continue his life and right his wrongs and help others, but only with an angel, Theodore, inside his head, watching over him till God recalls him.

God assigns Ryan a unique task to choose and interview six people from the hereafter who can inspire him and help others. Ryan's choices are very intriguing as he uncovers deep secrets from the most philosophical and ruthless individuals, figuring out the meaning of life and what motivates good and evil alike. Will Ryan live, be killed by someone out to get him, or earn his way into heaven?

The Two Lives Of Everett Quinn.jpg

Everett Quinn, a homeless man, befriends Brian Sanchez, a troubled young teen who has no father. As they become good friends, the boy turns his life around through inspiring stories and motivation from this down-and-out homeless man.
But not until the homeless man is attacked and in a coma do we find out that he is much more than what he appears to be. And is that other voice of Everett's with a foreign accent an angel, a past life of his, or a deeper, spiritual part of an inner Everett to help him and others?

Dawn Reilly always knew that her twelve year old son, Sean, was an average, sports loving, game playing, and normal New York boy, but never a psychic. Suddenly Sean begins having psychic visions of murdered people whose killers have never been brought to justice. Sean is shown, through these troubling and graphic visions, the faces and evidence about these killers, and is asked to disclose all the related visual evidence and descriptions to the authorities. But something goes terribly wrong when the world learns of Sean’s newfound psychic abilities, and Sean is suddenly thrown into a life or death situation of his own.


In this age of hustle and bustle and stress filled days, the never ending question is: How can I ever get ahead and rise to the top?
Welcome to the latest motivator that will help you to stand out from the crowd, change your life, your attitude, and maintain a newfound uniqueness that will last a lifetime.
Awesome Success Principles and Quotations will encourage you through real life examples from many of the truly successful that have excelled in their chosen fields. Together we will analyze the principles that help the top achievers who have ignored the negatives to rise to the top. Along with the finest quotations of all time you will feel like you have a friend that will encourage you on to your own greatness.
Start today to change your life with some of the following lessons in success:
The Magic Of Believing
Understanding The Mind
Affirmations For Success
Vision And Determination
The Will To Succeed And Change

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Joe and Frank Luanturco, two brothers from Brooklyn New York, start a private investigation service. After Frank’s near death experience, the brothers decided the start of the investigation firm, a new field, is the future they both need.

Finally, the all-important job comes in. A Mrs. Sullivan’s granddaughter and son, Thomas and Tiffany had been kidnapped while in Ireland on a company convention. Joe and Frank decide to take on the dangerous case, enlisting the help of a well known psychic.

The rescue mission takes the brothers and three Irish locals through many parts of pristine Ireland, and into dangerous Northern Ireland, where they believe the Sullivans are being held. But the deadly mission goes terribly wrong.

Will the brothers survive? Will the father and daughter be alive? This action adventure will keep you guessing. You will fall in love with beautiful Ireland, as you cheer on Joe, Frank, and their new found friends in their rescue of a lifetime.


Fr. Joe Gramel, a Catholic priest and pastor of a small congregation in South Carolina is
devastated, learning that his sixteen year old niece died from a drug overdose in New York.


Joes enraged about Melissas death, questions his Catholic beliefs and morals, and is convinced that he must right a wrong. At 42, Father Joe is unsatisfied and frustrated with society and the church. He feels powerless, unfulfilled and knows its time to stop watching as a spectator, and
go after drug dealers that killed Melissa.


Joe takes a leave of absence to go New York, and is consumed and determined to the point of risking his own life. James, an old friend from seminary school agrees to help in the vigilant fight. 


Fr.s Joe and James are out of their league as they go underground. After infiltrating the pusher Carlos, a kingpin named Pinky and prostitute Alexandria, the bottom falls out. Theyre exposed to killings, kidnappings and greed, while learning that no ones life is important to a drug kingpin. This action thriller will keep you guessing. Emotions run deep as we feel the inner most battles and questions in Joes mind, and wonder
who will die next.

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