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Sean begins having psychic visions of murdered people whose killers have never been brought to justice. Sean is shown, through these troubling and graphic visions, the faces and evidence about these killers, and is asked to disclose all the related visual evidence and descriptions to the authorities

In this age of hustle and bustle and stress filled days, the never ending question is: How can I ever get ahead and rise to the top?

Welcome to the latest motivator that will help you to stand out from the crowd, change your life, your attitude, and maintain a newfound uniqueness that will last a lifetime.

Awesome Success Principles and Quotations will encourage you though real life examples from many of the truly successful that have excelled in their chosen fields. Together we will analyze the principles that help the top achievers who have ignored the negatives to rise to the top. Along with the finest quotations of all time you will feel like you have a friend that will encourage you on to your own greatness.

Start today to change your life with some of the following lessons in success:

  • The Magic Of Believing

  • < >

    Understanding The Mind

  • Affirmations For Success

  • < >< >

    Vision And Determination

  • The Will To Succeed And Change


After fifty-eight-year-old Ryan Simmons dies in a car accident, he is told in the hereafter that he will not make it into heaven but rather be in limbo for eternity. He begs to be given a second chance to return to earth. Although a millionaire and ruthless business owner on earth, Ryan is powerless in the hereafter but vows to change if allowed life again. Ryan is given a rare second chance by God to continue his life and right his wrongs and help others, but only with an angel, Theodore, inside his head, watching over him till God recalls him. God assigns Ryan a unique task to choose and interview six people from the hereafter who can inspire him and help others. Ryan's choices are very intriguing as he uncovers deep secrets from the most philosophical and ruthless individuals, figuring out the meaning of life and what motivates good and evil alike. Will Ryan live, be killed by someone out to get him, or earn his way into heaven? Come along and enjoy Ryan's fabulous to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


Everett Quinn, a homeless man, befriends Brian Sanchez, a troubled young teen who has no father. As they become good friends, the boy turns his life around through inspiring stories and motivation from this down-and-out homeless man.

But not until the homeless man is attacked and in a coma do we find out that he is much more than what he appears to be. And is that other voice of Everett's with a foreign accent an angel, a past life of his, or a deeper, spiritual part of an inner Everett to help him and others?

The once suicidal man vowed years earlier after finding Jesus to change himself and the world around him. Everett is the most philosophical man the park dwellers ever encounter as he changes so many lives and keeps them coming back for more.

You will be surprised, touched, and filled with love as young Brian and you experience this magnificent journey in the Two Lives of Everett Quinn


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